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Einladung zum qualitativen Methodengespräch am 07.12.2023

Sirima Thongsawang (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)

07.12.2023 um 16:00 Uhr

Do. 07.12.2023, 16-18 Uhr (c.t.), Konradstr. 6, Raum 109

Der Lehrbereich für qualitative Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung lädt Sie/euch herzlich zum qualitativen Methodengespräch ein.

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Sirima Thongsawang
Participatory Action Research on the quality of life of the elderly in Thailand

In 2022, Thailand became an aged society, the Thai population over 60  years old were more than 20% of the whole population. Starting in 2020, total annual mortality in Thailand outnumbered births, with the number of annual births continually decreasing. Thai society requires preparation and policy making to improve quality of life for older adults to maintain their status as powerful and valued human resources.

Local government is a key actor in carrying out the development projects that suit the area typology and older persons’ demands. The research explores an agrarian community as a case study- Taladmai subdistrict administrative organization, Angthong province to demonstrate how the local government and stakeholders develop a body of knowledge and line of action to improve quality of life for older adults.
The research  approach is participatory action research for people in the community to exchange experiences and learn from each other, including groups of seniors, social workers, officers, teams of local government organizations and relevant parties. The research team has implemented distinctive methods and tools to collect individual information and communicated a data set to local administrative organizations to understand health and social situations of older local residents.

Results show that the older people in the subdistrict are mostly general workers and farmers who earn limited income from growing rice, farming, or agriculture. Most of them are healthy and enjoy engaging with society. They regularly participate in activities which are organized by a school for older people and wish to generate extra income. To improve the wellbeing of older adults in several dimensions, the research team has worked with the local stakeholders to develop projects concerning job opportunities and lifelong learning for older adults based on their personal interests.

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